Mushrooms, Ricotta And Pancakes, Oh My

Galette that's keto-friendly

The problem with so many keto-worthy recipes is that they usually end up being way too eggy, since so many require an egg substitute for pancakes, crust, bread and so forth. (Insider tip? Just use two slices of cheddar for your sandwich crust. It's just as good once you're used to it!) this galette recipe, which features mushroom and ricotta prominently, does have eggs but it's such a yummy adaptation that you might not even realize it's not a real savory pancake!

Martina is currently my favorite keto chef and I follow her recipes religiously, trying out new things each week and this one is a winner. Honestly I just love ricotta and mushrooms, but she always manages to balance out the almond or coconut (often both) flour so well that you don't even feel like you're missing anything. 

Do you have any awesome pancake recipes, savory or sweet, keto or not? Share them in the chat!

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