September Appetizers

What are you making?

The handsoaps have all been switched out to fall themes, which means fall is pretty much at my house despite the 90-degree weather that hids midday. Mornings are 65 degrees and that's what counts, right? With this in mind, I'm already ready for some fall appetizers! Apps are my favorite food "group," hehe, and this slideshow has me craving some arancini and squash soup, one of my all-time favorite fall dishes.

For fall, I love to make banana nut bread, even though it's not typically a fruit we associate with fall, and I like putting apple slices in our grilled cheese. Granny smiths work great for this but really, try whatever kind of apple you like. Do it after a day of apple-picking for a really nice fall theme, and if you have littles, be sure to show them the special "star stamp" in the middle of the apple!

What's on your menu this September? Share your fall favorites in the chat.

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