Summer Cooking Classes

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Whether you're on staycation, school is out for the kids or you're looking for a fun date idea, a cooking class might be just what you need. Cooking classes are activities where you can not only have a wonderful time, but learn some practical life skills in the process. There are so many different types to choose from that there's almost something for everyone.

There are cooking classes just for kids, or for parents with their kids, which can be a lot of fun to try. It's a type of learning that's not only fun, but that results in good eating at the end of class! Then there are lunch classes where you learn to make your lunch, then you get to eat it--or even demos where you just watch someone cook and share the meal with the rest of class. There are also fantastic date night cooking classes with the same kind of model, but for couples.

Most cooking classes are themed around a specific type of culinary adventure, like summer eats, Italian fare or even funny finger food. Lots of grocery stores even offer the classes. Have you taken or will you take a cooking class? Which ones do you suggest?

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