Using Aldi for Holiday Eats

It's our favorite go-to store

Leaving holiday dinner to the last minute can be stressful for anyone, but Aldi makes it so much easier on my family and me. For years I didn't shop there after seeing some disturbing things happen as a kid (there were weavils in some flour my family bought there once, I think), but today Aldi is clean, affordable and my favorite place to stock up on the essentials. If you're not a regular at Aldi, you probably didn't know that they also feature a TON of seasonal specials as well, making it the perfect place to pick up everything from your holiday ham to your eggnog. 

The only issue is that things aren't always guaranteed to be in stock. If you get Skinny Girl white cherry water flavor one week, it's not going to be there again the next week. Trust me, it happened a few months ago after I got addicted to the stuff. Thanks a lot, Aldi! But if you visit weekly, not only will you find the seasonal foods and spices you need for the holidays, but you'll also see an aisle of seasonal household items, gifts and sometimes even clothing and blankets a la Costco style. You never know what you might find.

Where do you go to make sure you get all the essentials at the right price? Share your shopping tips in the chat.

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