Veggie Rolls In A Pinch

A quick and healthy snack or lunch

Do you like making little roll-up sandwiches for lunch or a snack? I've always loved mixing up some dill and cream cheese, spreading it onto a tortilla, adding some chopped cucumber and enjoying it as a cool, quick bite. It's one of my favorite things to cut up and bring to parties, too. But if you want to avoid the tortilla, there are lots of other ways to do it, too.

For starters, you can use meat for your roll, such as turkey, which still holds the inside of your roll-up securely while maintaining a yummy taste. If you don't eat meat, you can also slice up your cucumbers with a mandolin (or just cut them very thinly) and roll them up that way! Add in some red pepper flakes for a nice kick, or some garlic and parmesan cheese for a tangy treat. Adding toothpicks is an easy way to keep them rolled up and ready to serve. 

How do you like to make sandwich roll-ups? Share your recipes and tricks in the chat!

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