Your Favorite Tandoori Recipes

How do you make it at home?

Indian cuisine is on my brain today, and I'm so excited about this recipe for Tandoori Chicken over at Wellness Mama. I always assumed that it was a complicated dish that requires very specific equipment to make, but this recipe calls for an outdoor grill to make it with, which is perfect for this time of year. It also requires marinating overnight, so alas, I won't be eating it today!

The spices it calls for are pretty simple, too--I'd say that masala might have been hard to get years ago but I've seen it in most major grocery stores where I live. Knowing me, I'll go heavy on the garlic and easy on the cilantro, if I include it at all, since I'm one of those soap people!

Do you make tandoori at home? If so, what recipe do you use? Share your tips in the chat!

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