Yummy Thai Recipes

What's your favorite?

Pad Thai is currently my favorite food. I could pretty much nom it all day long if it were carb-free and in my budget, but since it's not, I tend to stick to enjoying it on holidays or special days alone. That said, there are all kinds of Thai recipes to try at home that might cost a bit less, or that might be great in a pinch if you can't get to your favorite restaurant.

I came across this recipe for easy Pad Thai soup that sounds like a great way to make the dish at home. It does call for brown rice noodles, but you can use other noodles if you can't find them, too. Then there's this list of incredible recipes, many of which I never would have even thought of. Egg crepes? Pasta? You won't believe some of her ideas. The green papaya and egg "burrito" ideas are out of this world!

So which Thai recipes are your favorites? What's your go-to recipe, and if you don't have one, which dish would you like one for?

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