April 2009

The Socio-Cultural Implications of Peeps: Or, What to Do the Day After Easter

Easter is tomorrow. That means you've got two, maybe three days to hit the local markets and chain drug stores and make your annual Peeps score. You want all you can find, in all the colors. Don't let the orange or green bunnies freak you out; buy them. Don't worry about having to eat all of them; you won't. There's a lot more you can do with Peeps besides eating them. A lot more.

Easter Egg Crack

I've posted elsewhere about high quality chocolate Easter candy. This post isn't nearly as concerned about quality, as it is about quantity. Now, while I'm an admitted chocolate snob, there's definitely a time and a place for your generic sugar high, and right now when the stores are loaded with Easter candy, your average blogger deserves a trip down the memory lane sugar high. In the interests of starting off the less experienced on an easy fix, I'll begin with the gateway drug candy, then move on to the hardcore stuff. The gateway drug is, of course, Cadbury's Mini Eggs. These are actually made of pretty good chocolate, in the form of a small marble-sized solid chocolate egg, in your choice of milk or dark chocolate, covered with a thin crunchy sugar shell. The shell gives you a quick buzz; the chocolate gets you addicted. These compulsively-consumable little balls of milk chocolate provide instant, easy, economical satisfaction in a candy-coated shell.