Everything has Some Type of History

Everything has Some Type of History

Even the Waffle


The batter-based flat cake known as a waffle is a Belgian culinary specialty, where each region of the country has its own recipe. There are basic ingredients that remain the same such as flour, milk, eggs and some salt, but recipes vary when it comes to yeast, caramelized sugar, leavenings and fillings or toppings.

Prior to the waffle iron, there were variations of this food where they were mainly flat cakes made from oats and barley and were the size of a small pizza. The waffle became a popular food item rather quickly. It was something that was enjoyed by all social classes except the rich were able to add eggs, milk, and honey to flavor their doughy treats.

In 1789, just as the French Revolution started to take off, Thomas Jefferson’s second term as ambassador to France was ending. Jefferson left France after sharing some ideas with French revolutionary leaders to return to the United States and with him, he brought a pasta machine and a long-handled waffle iron. The introduction of this waffle iron set of a national waffle craze. After this, there were a lot of waffle parties where attendees could top waffles and enjoy them either sweet, using maple syrup or molasses or savory, usually under a heap of kidney stew.

Waffle parties are easy to start as long as you have some friends willing to send over some waffle recipes and some time for a Sunday morning get together. Everyone is able to bring their own toppings for the waffle and they are laid out buffet style where guests can pick and choose what they place on their waffles.