Halloween Treats

What are you making or enjoying this month?

If you know my family, you know that Halloween isn't a day but a season for us, so when I say Halloween, I mean AT LEAST this month! So what kinds of Halloween treats have you been enjoying?

Dairy Queen has pumpkin spice and cinnamon roll flavors right now that are phenomenal! My family goes to get ice cream after dental visits, another tradition (started by my grandmother with my dad!), and that's what my kiddo chose this week. My husband and I also had a date at Panera where we enjoyed apple almond cookies and pumpkin muffies, which were also fantastic, as well as their cinnamon spice cold brew.

At home, we're preparing a bunch of fun things for various Halloween events that we'll be sharing in the coming weeks! What are you making or enjoying out? Share your favorites in the chat!

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