Holiday Cheesecake

How do you serve yours?

A friend of mine brought over a cheesecake today and it was so kind that I had tears. She's one of the sweetest people alive and I want to return the favor! I know she likes cheesecake so I thought I'd make a fun holiday version but I can't decide which one.

This pull-apart one is extra cute with the bonus of being in finger-food sizes already so you don't have to get a fork, but I'm not sure I dig the crust. This festive holiday cheesecake looks almost too beautiful to eat, but would you really eat all that candy? I think I'd want it scraped off. Maybe some green and red swirls in basic cheesecake would be better. These cheesecake squares may combinet the best of both worlds.

What holiday cheesecakes do you like to serve? Share your recipes in the chat.

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