Low-Carb Fudge Bombs

The deliciousness is real

The more I read about sugar, the more I'm wary of the substance. Sure, everything in moderation is a great strategy, but sugar is added to everything these days and it's being linked to dozens of negative health issues. I say the less sugar, the better, and when I discovered that I could make chocolate fudge for my family without adding sugar, I was all for it!

These fudge "fat bombs" are meant to curb hunger while simultaneously not adding sugar to your low-carb diet, so if you're avoiding fat this may not be a good recipe for you. My daughter and I made them yesterday (in Halloween molds, because those are the only molds we have!) and they were really good! It's not like typical fudge consistency but it's still so rich that a little goes a long way. Be sure to blend for a few minutes; it may not appear to be blending at first until you give it some time.

Do you like to make any sugar-free treats? Tell us about them in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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