Popcorn Ball Twists

How do you make popcorn balls?

Popcorn balls are all the rage during the fall, and what's not to love about the goody, portable treats that look almost as fun as they are to eat? Lots of foodies are transforming the traditional popcorn ball by tweaking the recipe and putting their own twist on the concept, and there are some really innovative approaches out there right now. A few ideas include...

Adding candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and other items to your popcorn balls. This is a really easy way to change the flavor and texture without changing too much. You could also add some food coloring for a pop of color.

Try a different medium. Instead of popcorn, why not use cereal? This recipe features Cocoa Puffs as the medium, but anything from Captain Crunch to Kix could be yummy, too. You can also re-size for bite-sized treats, which makes them easier to eat.

How do you make popcorn balls? Share your ideas in the chat.

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