March 2018

Easter Menu Planning

Ham is the typical staple food for Easter, and as much as my family loves ham, I'm not a huge fan of the meat. Turkey is my go-to holiday food but it never seems appropriate on Easter, does it? Obviously you can make whatever you like, but eggs are the other common pick for Easter. Whether you like quiche, strata or even a simple scramble, eggs are always a good choice for this holiday. 

Honey Garlic Chicken

Add honey to just about anything and it's better, but garlic? I will eat paper if there's garlic on it.

This honey garlic chicken made in the slow cooker looks absolutely scrumptious. I'm going to try it out tomorrow and start it in the morning while we're out and see how well it goes! I know my guy's going to want some bacon with it so I'm going to fry some of that to add to his, but I think mine will be just perfect.