April 2018

Low-Carb Fudge Bombs

The more I read about sugar, the more I'm wary of the substance. Sure, everything in moderation is a great strategy, but sugar is added to everything these days and it's being linked to dozens of negative health issues. I say the less sugar, the better, and when I discovered that I could make chocolate fudge for my family without adding sugar, I was all for it!

Eating Your Sunscreen

As a big fan of Wellness Mama, I knew she had to mean something else when she said she "ate her sunscreen," but it turns out that she meant that she eats things to help her body make its own protection against the sun! This makes so much sense since we know we need SOME sun for optimal vitamin D production. Avoiding the sun is bad for our health, too, so how do you get enough without turning lobster red?